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Reviews of Flowerday “Girl on Film”

5 January 2011 1,573 views No Comment

From “Plague Haus”

My intake of Wall Noise has been severely limited the past year or so because 1) I almost OD’d on it for awhile and 2) there’s just too much of it out there and for them most part it’s the same old song and dance. But since this was sent to me as a promo I felt obligated to take a listen.

What I heard, and what I’m hearing now, isn’t earth shattering or different, but it is well above the norm and heavy as fuck. I know zero about this project other than it’s crafted by one RE Fontainbleau and this tape is his second. His previous effort “Snuff Victim”, was also released on Cathartic. Both sides are comprised of a single, lengthy, untitled track.

Side A is so crunchy and dense you need fog lights to navigate. High bits slither and skate, but never piercing or overtaking the heavy bottom end rumble. And when I say rumble, I mean so deep my beer mug is about to vibrate off of the desk. Side B is even heavier deep end. There’s something slightly metallic in sound just below the surface, giving it a nice, industrial type of edge that snarls and growls just behind the carpet bombing of static lows. Definitely my favorite of the two. This is one of those tapes that comes with only one requirement: play it Loud.

This one is standard j-card issue with nice b&w bondage artwork and pro-printed tape shells. This one should be essential for Wall Noise enthusiasts.

From Heathen Harvest:

Not a Duran Duran tribute, but instead a fantastic and powerful noise release. And I know what you’re thinking: How am I, Vargrwulf, going to convince you that something called Flowerday has produced an insanely brutal and magnificent piece of original wall of noise power electronics titled “Girl On Film?” However, this oddly named project provides the most satisfying crunch this side of Treriksroset (with whom this music shares a similar aesthetic) or An Innocent Young Throat Cutter. Thick and buzzing crunch walls somewhere between dynamic metal noise like Macronympha and more modern walls such as Vomir. This is fantastic harsh walls with a surprising amount of dynamics and personality. The j-card includes a bunch of bondage pictures accompanied by a bit of text describing and sort of sadistic domination scenario involving a tied-up woman. Truly sick sounds that plumb the utter depths of depravity.

Cathartic Process has been producing a lot of great releases lately, and especially within the past year has really stepped up to the plate with great finds like Now In Darkness World Stops Turning and Flowerday. In fact, this is probably my favorite release that I have encountered on the Cathartic Process label. The xerox porno vibe is unmistakably sleazy and authentic, and provides a perfect aesthetic atmosphere for the insane noise contained within. Not simply using bondage or sadism as a gimmick, this music has a genuine and very personal vibe that is the hallmark of the Wall Of Noise genre. Like fingerprints, no two artists are exactly alike, and Flowerday combines a strong commitment to thick noise and crunching dynamics to make a sound that is strong and unstoppable. This is highly textured and personal work from an artist with a deep meditative sound.

Heavily violent and destructive wall of noise eliminates all competition. Destruction and murder, probably rape, all occur within the violent second that stretches for a lifetime. No asylum or sanctuary from the insane wall of violence that threatens to destroy everything in its path. The dynamics shift and there are occasionally sounds that resemble human voice, but everything is enveloped by the wall. Sadism on a genocidal scale, concentrated on a personal level. Highly recommended harsh wall of noise that is top notch stuff. Really sinister loop towards the end. This is really unique and powerful music. Kudos to Cathartic Process for putting out so much great material, and I’m glad to have checked out this fantastic release.

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