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Review of Clew Of Theseus “Vaults Vol. 1″ CS

5 January 2011 2,618 views No Comment

From Heathen Harvest:

Clew of Theseus – Vaults, Vol. 1

Tuesday, September 15 2009 @ 02:00 AM PDT

Contributed by: Vargr Wulf

Vaults, Vol.1

Artist: Clew Of Theseus United States

Title: Vaults, Vol.1

Label: Cathartic Process United States

Power Electronics/Noise


01 Home 1

02 Home 2

03 Visitation 1

04 Visitation 2

05 No Room Left In Heaven 1

06 No Room Left In Heaven 2

07 5:14

08 Meth Cook Sets Apartment Ablaze

09 Drunk On Consumerism

This is another typically impressive and thoughtful release from Clew Of Theseus and Cathartic Process. Although this seems to be just a collection of practice mishaps and improvisations, this collection is incredibly engaging and enjoyable to listen to. I actually find this to be a lot more lively and pleasing to the ear than the recent professionally made CD “Meridian” released by this artist. The inside of this release is a fold-out panel of a negative image of the famous Roman Aqueducts, how cool is that? Side one is a laid back collection of completely killer studio improvisations of harsh noise and stark sheet metal improvs filled with moments of silence and tension, mixed with snippets of dark and threatening synthesizer sounds, as well as some harsh noise walls. All of the punishment from the noise artist called Clew Of Theseus has a pleasant range and a reserved nature that sets it apart. This cassette actually came inside of a bag with a string tying it together, and I actually had to utilize scissors in order to properly release the tension on the knot in order to take out this cassette. This odd packaging decision should give you a decent idea of the care and precision that went into this music. Toward the end of side A, around “No Room Left In Heaven 1+2″, things take a welcome turn deeper into the world of noise synth distortion. The music on this release has a variety that the stark packaging cleverly understates.

It is a pleasant surprise to hear the variety of sounds that appear on this cassette tape. One of the things that struck me about the LP was the coldness of it, but the music on here is starkly alive. There are some of the most exciting sounds on this release that I have ever heard on a power electronics release. The intention and intensity (but not at all the sound mind you) remind me quite a bit of Isle Of Wight-era Miles Davis. The music on here is constantly engaging the present, with little to no regard for the listener or sanity, but it works on every level. This is music that is simultaneously dark, powerful, vibrant, uplifting, and overwhelmed by a sense of dread. The use of synths is always understated and gives a strong tension to the dynamic field recordings and metal scraping tracks that form the bulk of Clew Of Theseus’ sound. The end result is a very organic and powerful set of self-created compositions that show a wide variety of scope in this collection.

“Meth Cook Sets Apartment Ablaze” is appropriately noisy and messy, recalling somewhat La Monte Young’s famous “Music For Tables And Chairs.” The sound on here ventures into a direction of complete and total audio abuse that is both unexpected and welcome. In fact, I knew from the title of the song that it was going to be my favorite on the entire release. It has a Harsh Noise Wall sound that is well-done and extremely welcome from Clew Of Theseus.

I was completely blown away with the dynamic sound and noise on Side B, and this track is a real highlight. It ends things further in the tradition of very early Consumer Electronics, with screaming, radio noise, low end synth, tape noise, you name it as far as the field of PE and this release has it in some form or another. It is an incredible and authentically depraved ending to this surprising and varied work by the awesome Clew Of Theseus. Track nine is a bit of a nightcap, with more of the tense dark ambient sound heard on the outset of this release. Interesting sort of UFO sounds fade into a more harsh closer, ending things in style. This harsh and powerful release comes highly recommended to fans of the noise genre, and fans of Industrial and Power Electronics looking for something different. There is a wealth of quality material on here that is all highly listenable, great work documented here. A very enjoyable and diverse release, one of the best examples of the fine work made by this long-running noise project.

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