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Cabal is a visual weapon for the total psychic war. We publish artbooks and zines, and print t-shirts with our designs.

Burial Hex T-Shirt

The first t-shirt from Cabal features a design by Shool K to commemorate the release of "Four Tone Poems of Orlog" by Burial Hex. The Burial Hex logo is surrounded by the eyes of the universe, staring with contempt. Printed in water-based inks (softer, embedded in the fabric, as opposed to Plastisol inks) in dark grey on black American Apparel shirts. Extra wide print, almost 18" wide, goes over the seams on Small and Medium sizes. Stock is very limited on size medium. $8 off on Small and Large!

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Cabal Issue #1 44-page zine + C-30

Inside a black bag with the Cabal inverted eye you'll find a 5" x 7" 44 page, perfect bound art zine, with collage smut from Shool K., Nnerves & Pasi Markkula, and an interview with Bizarre Uproar. Also there's an anonymous C-30 with industrial filth & rot, and several inverted eye stickers.

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Crucial Blast writes: "High contrast images of depravity, eschatological Rorschachs and severe mutation...just about everything that I want to see in an underground art rag. That and more is present in the inaugural issue of Cabal, a new publication from the industrial label Cathartic Process that's hopefully going to be coming out on a regular basis. The first issue is packed with forty-four perfect-bound pages full of gruesome photo collages, nihilistic visions, images of cycloptic children, sexual depravity, bondage, psychedelic violence, deformity, all delivered in a stark, high-contrast hand-assembled style that reminds me of both the early SPK record sleeves and the bizarre collage art of Mike Williams (Eyehategod). These hallucinatory works are from Ben Brucato (Clew Of Theseus), Shool K., Nnerves, and Pasi Markulla (of Finnish harsh noise project Bizarre Uproar), and there is also a short interview with Bizarre Uproar. The zine is also packaged with a thirty-minute cassette tape from an anonymous artist, the only thing that's printed on the tape is the pyramid/eye image that appears on the zine and the stickers; whoever is behind this, they serve up a crushing black slab of hellish industrial noise, a mass of scraping squealing abrasion and amp abuse, massive low end droning heaviness like metallic rumbling doomdrone guitars, rhythmic bass throb, shrieking feedback, overdriven percussion, the shuddering grind of machinery breaking down. Definitely harsh, heavy industrial noise, similar to Ramleh, Con-Dom, etc. And the set is assembled in a really cool package that consists of a black zip bag with the Cabal eye on the front, with the 5" x 7" zine, cassette, and Cabal stickers enclosed inside."


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Nnerves “The Great Imitator – Dajjal”

48-page perfect bound black & white artbook. First edition, limited to 100 copies, this book has been privately available since February 2010, and available on 1-11-11 for sale.

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For most, if not all of us, the image of the reality of our surroundings taken in by the eye becomes distorted as we process its meaning. It becomes a parallax view of reality. Our eye denies truth to our mind, or rather it is our mind denying the truth that our eye beholds. We perceive a sanitized rendering of the grotesque and necrotic decay that encroaches ever rapidly upon us. This internal alteration of the external is predictable and programmatic. Consequently, this phenomenon is constantly used as a channel for manipulation of the individual. Symbols are endlessly placed before the eye. The stimuli produce the desired effect. As these false images travel along the optic nerve and settle into the optic lobe of this being, the mind deteriorates and weakens. This occurs on a massive scale resulting in a sort of societal schizophrenia for the masses of these sickened souls. The subject is acted upon, and, as the rapid succession and superimposition of stimuli increase exponentially, the breakdown of the individual consciousness becomes imminent. It is possible, however, for some to gaze beyond the hallucinatory transmissions, but even cursory glances have the potential to wreak havoc on the mind of the observer. For those few who not only undertake the act of looking upon the uncomfortable visage of reality, but who actually choose (or are, perhaps, unfortunately cursed to do so) to rip apart the veil that conceals the awful images behind, the result is frequently catastrophic. The toll it takes on the individual psyche is tremendous. Some nevertheless still seek out the ruptures in the illusory fabric that enclose the individual—locating the fissures in the façade and opening them into wide gaping wounds in the false reality. At that point, the transmissions from both sides of this veil can be manipulated and exploited. The resulting effect is unfathomable to most. It is terrifying, and yet the decrepitude one witnesses can have its own allure nonetheless. Language alone is incapable of conveying the apprehension of lifting the veil and seeing the human form dismantled. Representations, visual, linguistic and otherwise, while inadequate to demonstrate the totality of the psychic damage, nonetheless provide a map into the constellations of madness and reality. The nexus between these two regions becomes illuminated as a synaptic pulse flickers across neural pathways of the overmind. A new circuit is opened and the membrane of the multi-verse is charged for an instant.


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