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Clew Of Theseus “The Death Urge” LP Out Now

CLEW OF THESEUS “The Death Urge” LP [Verlautbarung - Mitteilung 34]

Two long tracks of organic, brooding drone with raw, darker undertones. Bleak and unsettling ambiances with a distinct oppressive, monotone edge. A comment on the nihilistic state of the world today. Side B a re-release of one of the tracks from the very limited tour tape from 2009. Edition of 215 copies in printed brown cardboard sleeves with insert.
On Verlautbarung. Order here.

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Review of Death Agonies C-20 on Inside:Noise

Death Agonies- Dust In The Lungs Of God CS, Cathartic Process 2011, CP-25
I: Before The Span of One’s Life Is Run Out opens up with a blazing wall of fury, that gains intensity, before steadily decreasing into electro-acoustic junk sounds, crying modems, and field recordings laced with feedback as the glue. Rising and falling in notions between violent spastic harsh-noise, quieter ‘found’ moments, and decaying walls, the listener is whirled through waves of waxing and waining intensity. The track is heavily layered, which lends for great transitions between each movement, …

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CLEW OF THESEUS from Atavus on Vimeo.
Audio is from an excerpt of an unreleased live Clew Of Theseus recording. Video is by Brian Traylor, featuring visuals used in the live videos he did on some of my SoCal tour dates in 2009.

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Clew of Theseus / Eric Wood (Bastard Noise) Collaberation Set – Aug 2009, Los Angeles from Atavus on Vimeo.

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Dajjal C-90 review by Zeno Marx

Dajjal – s/t C-90 on Cathartic Process
Aggressive, industrial noise with long, epic travel as it meanders through so many different lands, all with equally great skill. I’ve only listened to side A so far because something I enjoy this much is something I’m going to be patient absorbing. Blew me away. I was sometimes reminded of early noise industrialists, and at one point, I was thinking of Richard Ramirez during his I keep My Stuff Inside and /Alchemy of the 20th Century period. Says it was …